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Our upcoming and recent events

    • June
    • 3
    • 2019

    CodeRefinery, CodeRefinery workshop in Oslo

    Session leader: Radovan Bast, Anne Fouilloux and Sabry Razick.

    Course goals

    The aim of this course is to demonstrate to and familiarize the workshop participants with best practices and tools in modern research software development. The main focus is on professional tools for efficiently developing and maintaining research software. Since most research code is developed in a collaborative setting, we will discuss tools and workflows which facilitate this process. Most of the content is also relevant to a single developer.

    Who the course is for

    If you are writing code that is used in research, then this course is for you. If you develop research code and you know all the tools already, join us as a helper! It’s fun, and you always learn something new about a subject by teaching it.

    • June
    • 5
    • 2019

    Oslo useR! Group, Workshop Straightforward introduction to mixed models

    Session leader: Dmytro P. and Athanasia Monika M.

    In this workshop we will be exploring how to use linear mixed models when we have data that repeats over time. These kinds of models are often used in longitudinal studies or with time series data. They are powerful as the used maximum likelihood approximations rather than least squares, meaning they can better handle missing data, and competing models can be compared directly. By the end of the workshop you should have a basic grasp of the linear mixed model, how to specify one, how to compare models and how to plot results.

    This workshop expects participants to have intermediate proficiency in R and is not fully suitable for beginners. The instructor may not have time to thoroughly explain code that is not directly related to mixed models, so if you have little or no experience with R, I think it will be tough to follow as a workshop.

    About the speaker The workshop is held by Athanasia Monika Mowinckel, or Mo for short, who is a staff scientist at the Center for Lifespan changes in brain and cognition (LCBC: www.oslobrains.no). She has a PhD in psychology, and loves plotting. And cats. She is a co-founder and current head of the R-Ladies Oslo chapter.

    This workshop is brought to you by Centre for Educational Measurement at University of Oslo (https://www.uv.uio.no/cemo/) and Cardo Partners (www.cardopartners.com) in cooperation of Oslo UseR! Group and R-Ladies Oslo

    • Level: beginner to intermediate
    • When: 05th June 2019
    • Time: 17:00-20:00
    • Location: IFI Building, University of Oslo, Gaustadalléen 23B, Smalltalk Auditorium, Ole Johans Dahls Hus · Oslo
    • More information: https://www.meetup.com/Oslo-useR-Group/events/260303778/
    • June
    • 25
    • 2019

    Carpentries, CarpentryConnect Manchester conference 2019

    Join Us At CarpentryConnect Manchester 2019!

    Did you see the recent announcement, that registration is now open for the CarpentryConnect Manchester conference? The event is an opportunity for members of The Carpentries’ global community of instructors and anyone else with an interest in helping researchers to improve their computational skills, to get together for a few days to exchange ideas and learn some new things. With an exciting programme (still under development, no spoilers!) including sessions focussing on developing new and existing curricula, increasing the sustainability of research software, methods and tools for better teaching, and more, the conference will have as much to offer those who are newcomers to The Carpentries as it does to those who have attended a workshop, helped or taught at one or two, or been involved for years.

    Still not sure what to expect? Following the success of the inaugural CarpentryCon in Dublin last summer, several of the attendees wrote about their experiences describing some of the workshops and breakouts, reflecting on their experiences, and generally celebrating the chance to bring such a diverse and dispersed community together (https://carpentries.org/blog/2018/06/carpentry-con-report/). The organising taskforce of CarpentryConnect Manchester, chaired by Aleks Nenadic and including several organisers of the event in 2018, has every intention of creating a sister event with a similar atmosphere of creativity, inclusivity and optimism, and a love of using sticky notes for almost everything.

    We hope that the structure of the programme (https://software.ac.uk/ccmcr19/programme), with bursts of lightning talks to spark conversation, long breaks to create space for deeper discussion and networking, and an emphasis on workshops, tutorials and breakout sessions, reflects the importance placed on community building and professional development that I have been so inspired by at previous events of both the Research Software Engineers and Carpentries. The conference offers a chance to learn about and discuss the latest developments and challenges in computational teaching and research software development, to access training in relevant skills, tools, and resources, and to get to know other members of this warm and welcoming community. For more detail on the programme, keep an eye out as we announcement our keynote speakers over the coming weeks.

    We’d love to see plenty of new faces at the conference, as well as bringing together as many Instructors, Trainers, Mentors, and Maintainers, as possible from the UK, Europe, and across the world. So, if any of the above sounds interesting to you, we’d love for you to go ahead and register. If you do so before 18 April 2019, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Early Bird discount.

    We look forward to seeing you in Manchester in June!

    • Level: beginner to intermediate
    • When: 25th June 2019 - 27th June 2019
    • Time: 9:00-19:00
    • Location: The Studio Manchester on 25th and 26th of June and in the Kilburn Building at the School of Computer Science (University of Manchester) on 27th June
    • More information and registration: https://software.ac.uk/ccmcr19/programme
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Who We Are

We are a diverse group of scientists, students and researchers from multiple departments across the University and beyond who want to share and work with you!

Executive council

Anne Fouilloux


University of Oslo

  •  Python
  •  R
  •  Fortran
  •  HPC & Cloud computing
  •  The Carpentries

Ana Costa Conrado

Event coordinator

University of Oslo

  •  Python
  •  R
  •  Open Science
  •  Machine & Deep Learning

Annika Rockenberger

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

The National Library of Norway

  •  Digital Humanities
  •  Python
  •  The Carpentries
  •  Physical Programming


Michel Heeremans

University of Oslo

  •  Carpentry@UiO
  •  Research Data Management
  •  Open Science

Gladys Nalvarte


  •  Python
  •  Open Science
  •  jupyterhub
  •  repo2docker